Monday, August 5, 2013

Clear cut

After a lot of being in limbo and a lot of uncertainty, the cardiologist called me this morning with some definitive news: Calder needs the surgery.

The doctor tells us that while they don't always see improvement after PDA surgery -- even though that's always the goal -- he expects that given the signs, Calder will improve rapidly after the ligation. (That is, after a period of being sick ... apparently, most babies get pretty ill immediately following the operation.)

Because Calder's surgery is "elective" and "non-emergent," his surgery is not a priority surgery for the day. Instead, he is slated for the second tranche of surgeries, which only get started after the first tranche wraps up. And that could take some time, because the morning surgeries are the real whoppers. We expect that Calder will go in around 2 or 3 pm today, but he may also get pushed until tomorrow. The surgery should take an hour. (I'm starting to think I need a Twitter feed to keep you all up with this little man's many updates!)

I have to admit, I'm basically scared out of my gourd for him since he's so little (and so cute!), but I believe this is the best route.

We'll do our best to keep you all posted!

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