Monday, November 11, 2013


Calder and the top notch surgical team did great in surgery yesterday. He now sports an extra belly button that resembles a Grolsh cap with a hole drilled in it through which the food can pass directly to his stomach.
my new belly button
Taryn and I are quite excited with how everything has proceeded but Calder still has a mixed opinion on the whole process. They slowly weaned his pain medication until he woke up and started triggering the ventilator on his own, then they extubated him around 5 pm yesterday.  After being extubated Calder definitely tried to cry but could only manage a sad little whimper. Once he was off the vent and breathing on his own they started the pain medication back up but at a much lower dose and Taryn rocked him back to sleep. Calder is also good to go on being fed again so they should begin to feed him through the button today, meaning he'll once again get that full feeling in his stomach. He'll get a couple of meals of Pedialyte (sugar water) before we switch and test out how he responds to Taryn's "now in dairy-free" milk.  Finally, the best news of all is that we're thinking Calder is only about ten days away from his triumphant homecoming!


  1. So glad the surgery went well! Funnily enough, I know what a gtube looks like but had no idea what a Grolsh cap was...:) Congrats on the new room...Hope Calder gets to be home soon! :)

    1. Neither did I! until Kraemer decided we needed some of those bottles to make vanilla a few years ago, after we returned from India with vanilla beans. Guess you have to be a beer drinker ... or creative when it comes to vanilla.

  2. Well I am neither so that explains it. :)

  3. And I just thought you were being oddly specific about beer bottle caps! I am praying for you guys to all come home soon.