Tuesday, March 18, 2014

what's so funny?

Calder got his second-to-last dose of Synagis shots over the weekend. Thank goodness we are almost done with these! As I've mentioned before, they are dosed by weight, so as he grows, so does the amount of the injection. He now needs two huge shots per dose, usually one in each thigh, and by two nurses simultaneously, if there are enough nurses around. Better to get it all done at the same time seems to be the philosophy, but I don't think Calder is buying it.

Two Irishmen, both got kisses.

There were no parades in our program for St. Paddy's this year, but we celebrated to the best of our abilities at home. Which mostly meant wearing green and eating some cabbage. :)

Thankfully, and finally, we have had a few nice days, so we took advantage of one by jogging down as a family to the Yards Park Capital Hill Waterfront, which has some cool naval ships, green space and other stuff, to areas where there weren't many people. It was one of Kraemer's days off, so it was pretty empty anyhow. I wish I'd remembered my camera. Calder has been doing well during the day without the oxygen so we kept the load light and left the tank at home. He wasn't sure at first what to make of our pace, especially since it was the first time we put him in the stroller without his car seat, but he took it in stride. For at least the first 25 minutes.

Most exciting though was Calder's first laugh, a few days ago, right after my last post. Or we're calling it that anyway -- you can judge for yourself because we caught it on video! Just barely, right at the beginning. Our little boy is all smiles [allllmost] all the time, but when he'd get REALLY happy, all he could manage was a cry. Talk about confusing for all parties involved. Here, he finally made it over the hump.


  1. So precious! It's definitely a chuckle!!

    1. Thanks, Dori! :) Now we're working on a belly laugh. I can't tell if he likes to be tickled or hates it, but he laughs!