Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Apple a Day ...

Why settle for one Wubbanub
when you could have two? At once?
Best cube ever!

The persons who gifted Calder this bib
shall remain anonymous. :)
About a week after our return from Cincinnati, we took Calder for his one-year check-up with the pediatrician. Kraemer took him, which means I don’t know his exact weight, but I think it was 17 lbs 15 oz, or something in that vicinity. We told her we were concerned about his meeting the mark (sometimes I wonder whether he’s shrinking), and she told Kraemer we were crazy! That Calder was bigger than her kids were at this age. Again, something like that, and keeping in mind that she had a 28-week preemie, so who knows what the baseline was for that comment. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t on the charts this time. Regardless, she said not to worry, that he was doing great. Another nurse who had been here the first time we brought him in -- the day after his discharge – was astonished at his progress. What mom doesn’t want to hear that? So, hey, I’m happy.

Otherwise, not much news. Calder came home, opened all his birthday presents (with only a little help), and played with all his toys. Normal kid stuff. In some ways, we’ve really left the whole preemie thing behind us. He still sees physical therapy once a week, every week, and speech therapy every other week, but other than that, we now see doctors maybe a couple times a month as opposed to three times a week.

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