Sunday, June 7, 2015

freeing the speech

Don't think I can't reach the table on my tippy toes.
Or climb that chair and reach anything I want.
And why, yes, that colander is right where I want it.
Time to watch what we say – time, or long past – Calder is mimicking us like crazy these days! While it’s not clear it’s the new speech therapist that is making the difference, she has a very different, more metered approach, and we think she’s great. So does Calder! As long as Calder’s in the mood, he’s willing to make an attempt at anything. He’s also got a very small repertoire of words he’ll speak spontaneously: besides “uh oh,” he loves to say, “wow” and is starting saying “more” rather than only signing it. He has a special hybrid of “water” and “agua” he uses when he wants his straw cup with water – I haven’t decided yet whether he’s actually using the English or Spanish version. When prompted, he is starting to tell people “nigh(t) nigh(t).” Toddler speak is pretty much the cutest.

He’s also growing big-time, so it’s time to start watching what we put where.

For Father’s Day I bought Kraemer a Nats t-shirt, since he’s been aching to get to some games, and a little Nats ensemble for Calder as well, so that they could be stylin’ together for Calder’s first game. They went today and look like happy campers to me.

I recently ran across this article in the Huff Post about little tips or considerations to keep in mind while you’re raising your children. Not naggy advice, but fun stuff. I can’t wait to hear what Calder has to say about God and Santa Claus…


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Love these photos!

    1. He is such a ham! These showcase his hamminess. ;)