Monday, September 30, 2013

kdiddy, the wrapper

After going a week without seeing the boy I was pretty stoked to finally get to visit. I'm not fully recovered from my cold but I'm definitely past the contagious stage. I never really bought the "I'm not contagious" argument so I did a bit of research and the skinny appears to be that the amount of the virus that you're shedding goes down dramatically as you become symptomatic...but you can still give someone a cold. So as a precaution Taryn and I wore a mask in addition to our isolation gown and gloves.

Calder is definitely making progress, which is so exciting. Only having the nasal cannula makes it much easier to take him out of the crib. Typical for Calder he does not see the new head gear as a step in the right direction. If he gets a free hand he rips his tubes out...the man wants to be free. So, I swaddled him tightly...and within four seconds he broke free and ripped off his nasal cannula. I thought fine, I didn't put that much effort into it, so I swaddled him again. This time it took him six seconds. Not one to be discouraged, I thought, "OK, kid, I'm smart, I've learned from my mistakes, you will not get free this time." I started from scratch, pulled the left side nice and tight, crammed his legs into his body and tucked the next piece, and then I brought the right side across and tucked it so tight I was concerned Calder might not be able to breathe correctly. Twelve seconds later I was not feeling very smart and Calder's hands were ripping his tubes out again. I asked a nurse to save my son from himself and went back to playing parent observer.

The doctor's gone down on his flow (we're no longer doing pressure, but oxygen volume) from seven liters an hour to six and a half. Calder's CO2 has gone back up to around 70 but according to the doctor it's to be expected because when Calder exhales the machine no longer assists the exhale but instead fights it. The flow from the nasal cannula is only one way. The plan now is back to testing Calder every Monday and Thursday and then making adjustments according to his progress. Hopefully the five-pound-phenom (huge, I know) keeps up the steady progress and comes home by Halloween! One can hope.


  1. Sounds like he's born to be wild...:) He's going to be handful pretty soon!

  2. such FANTASTIC news! I wish all of you guys the best & we are praying for your little family daily:) I know it has been a very long & difficult road to travel; but very soon you will look back at all of this, and be so very proud of your little boy!
    You & Taryn have done a more than spectacular job, and you will be rewarded very soon....Love to all...Karen & Doug Shafer( Ashleigh's Kanski's parents)
    P.S. He is absolutely ADORABLE:)

    1. Thank you, Shafers! We appreciate the prayers so much, and it's nice to know too that you are reading our updates on Calder. We are definitely proud of him and cannot wait to be looking back at our hospital stay. Hope we'll be back in Cincinnati sometime soon and visiting with you and your grandchildren!

  3. I check Calder's updates daily; and for awhile there I was more than worried! However, these past several postings have been very upbeat & positive! I have a really good feeling this little guy is doing really well, and that we are going to get a chance to meet this little fellow one day...we so look forward to that day:) Keep the faith guys,and know that we are all also keeping the faith for your family as well
    Cant wait to read & see more!