Saturday, September 14, 2013


Amazing the small steps that we consider big news: Calder's gas early this morning showed that he went down again on his C02, somewhat considerably in 24 hours, from 69 to 62. So they took him down in pressures. Wahoo! They are now doing gases (aka the heel pricking) every 24 hours, which is much preferred over the every eight, 12, etc., that he has dealt with in the past. It's also a sign that they think he's doing better. Per usual, I'm trying very hard not to get ahead of myself and start feeling as though him being off the vent is a done deal, but it's tough not to feel optimistic that this attempt may be successful, even without the Decadron. He's been without the tube for three days now, far longer than the approximately three hours he made it on the first attempt.

Nebulizer treatment
He is still getting his nebulizer treatments, medications administered as a mist through a mask, although now he's down to one -- Pulmicort -- rather than two (no more inhaled antiobiotic, Zosyn.) Even though he's still a little puffy, his edema has decreased, so for now they've also ceased his slow-acting diuretic and are giving him sodium, potassium and chlorite supplements to build up his reserves should he need another diuretic.

Even with his improvements, when I pressed the nurse last night, she told us she thought Calder would be here at least another two months: that puts him about a month past the original estimate we received. She also cautioned he'd probably come home on oxygen. Neither of these predictions were surprising revelations, so I think Kraemer and I both took it in stride. And as with anything on this ride ... who knows?

Last night was Kraemer's turn to do the holding, and both boys were very happy campers.

The white noise sound you hear in the background is the air flowing through his machine. One nurse told us wearing it supposedly feels like sticking your head outside a car window at 60 mph. Calder doesn't like it very much. Surprise! He tries to face-plant this thing off his face just as he did with the tube.

This week we had big-time help in the cooking and cleaning department, with Grandma Anderson going to town on our old apartment and whipping up delicious dinners. It was so, so nice to be able to take a nap at the end of the work day as opposed to being sous chef in the kitchen. Nothing beats home cooking!

We are also constantly heartened by how much people care. We haven't stopped hearing from family and friends, and now we even have near strangers asking for updates and sending us gifts. The antique dealer who recently sold us a dresser was also a preemie 50-some-odd years ago and asked that we please keep her updated; the family who sold us a blanket chest wondered whether there was anything they could do, and asked that we contact them should we think of anything. When I spoke with someone at sweetgreen, she sent me a gift card and an adorable onesie. We know that family and friends are lighting candles for him, saying prayers and sending positive thoughts, and I believe it's working. It's nice to know Calder has so many friends!

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  1. Kraemer looks like a proud happy daddy! :) Hope things keep going the right way! :)