Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We have some consonants! Yesterday Calder started saying “duh” (repeatedly: it’s more like duh duh duh, duh) and today saying “gooh.” One could take the duh-duh to be Da-da, but Kraemer says he isn’t counting it. Not exactly clear that he knows who Dada is.


We spent Easter this year as we spend every holiday these days – confined! J But that is a-ok with me. I like my family. Judging by our documentation of the day, however, Calder may not have liked us very much! We took it easy, reading some Easter books and playing with new toys sent by Getch and Granddad and tearing into the Easter basket sent by Grandma and Grandpa (although I think he was most interested in the cellophane.)

Protect those eyes!

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  1. I love Calder in the Easter basket...too cute :)