Friday, April 4, 2014

Measuring Up

Grill buds

When you have a child, it's pretty typical to want to track her progress against achievement of common milestones. All parents do that, right? I have that urge, but I'm not sure I can do it, not exactly. Do I use his chronological age (9 months this past Wednesday), or his adjusted age (just over 5 months)? For this reason, I consider it a blessing, not being able to measure Calder against some standard, when I have read and been told over and over again that each child is unique and moves at his own pace, so it’s best not to get caught up in who rolls over when, when the first word is spoken, etc. On the other hand, the uncertainty makes it a little difficult to follow best practices, like, when do we introduce solids? Unsurprisingly to me, given how much I now know each week in utero means for a preemie, a month in baby-time can mean a big difference in development. There is some literature out there specific to preemies, but preemies have such a range of [major] issues that I have a hard time believing a one-size-fits-all applies to them, either. I even have a hard time knowing what answer to give when people ask Calder’s age. When we were out for a stroll a few months back I told a woman that he was 6 months -- she looked perplexed. I understand. He looked more like a newborn at the time.
Nobody every buttons me up.
Whoa. Take me to the light.

On his 9-month marker this week (chronological! :)) Kraemer and I also celebrated our 3-year anniversary. Funny, because I feel like we just celebrated our second. I have only some idea where the time went. Getch and Granddad were in town and facilitated a much-needed night out!
Celebrating three years and many more to come! 
Check out this mirror!
A homemade anniversary gift from my talented husband.


  1. I love your shorter hair and Calder is looking so much bigger and grown up - go Calder go!! Lots of people want to start meeting you! :)

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I wish it looked nice even when I didn't dry it. My hair has no body! Thing is, I don't have the patience to dry it these days, which is why it got the chop. :) Calder can't wait to meet you!!

  2. Catching up on the "light" picture of Calder! Love your snazzy hairdo, too. Love and hugs to you three! Keep the updates coming. -Jen Hamann

    1. Thank you! But I do have to make sure it's long enough to be put into a classy up-do for a certain special event in October. :)