Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calder Loves His Fam and Friends!

Calder had visitors outside of the family today! Veena and Akash stopped in to the hospital this morning to say hello and deliver some very thoughtful gifts. He is going to be a very stylish young man, just as soon as the nurses let him sport the cutest-ever preemie garb he received.

He'd been creeping up on his respirator (at 28 this morning) but was at 27 tonight. Small victory. Hopefully he keeps trending down. We need him to improve here before he gets to graduate to the next type of respirator.

He had been huge the day before last (740 or something) but went down again to 6-- today. But that's okay. Better than the 540 low he had earlier this week.

He is still tolerating his feeds and went up today from 1 cc to 2 ccs. Still not enough that he's getting any nutritional value from the milk, but it's progress.

Feeding time. 2 ccs!
He's back on one light. The nurse that was on tonight (Perry- just back from her honeymoon!) said that that was "normal." I'm not too worried about it.

Otherwise, there is really nothing new. He had a quiet day and we are hoping for a quiet night!

I brought the nurses/staff chocolate chip cookies. One came over to tell me that in her 13 years, she'd had baked goods, but never any that were STILL WARM! (her emphasis :))

We were also on the receiving end of some yummy goods tonight, and have been since Calder was born. SO many friends and family have been incredibly generous in many different ways -- meals, treat packages, blankets, clothing, gifts, gift cards and checks -- to comfort Calder or to ensure we have something to put in our stomachs and power us through Calder’s stay in the NICU. I would name you all if I weren't worried I might forget someone, but please know that your thoughts, prayers and gifts are so appreciated.  It’s amazing how little time we have to prepare meals, and I realized just now that I cannot recall the last time I was in the grocery store (part of that is Kraemer, too – thanks, honey, for always being the one to run the errand!) I know some of you have been in this position before too and some of you have taken cues from others to know how to help, and I hope you all know that you have helped immensely, and we are so grateful. On top of making our lives easier, all your calls, emails, texts, cards and gifts help us remember what amazing family and friends we have, and that we're not in this alone. Thanks for all the love. :)

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