Monday, July 8, 2013

I See You!!

This afternoon he received his third and final dose of the indomethacin, the medicine they are using to try to fix his PDA. Tomorrow sometime they will then do another echo to see whether the drugs were effective. Apparently, his PDA is rather large, and I don't know how much his vitals have improved, so although I'm hopeful, I won't be surprised if the blood vessel is still open. If it is closed, they'll start feeding him breast milk again. If it is still open, they'll try another three doses of the meds (with a last resort being surgery.)

Tomorrow is a big day because in addition to the echo they'll do the next head sonogram. We won't have those results until Wednesday.

His pressure is still (what I consider) relatively high on the respirator at 22 (though down a couple points from last night, when it was at 24). I call it high simply since he'd been down to 16 at one point. And although he is occasionally on room air, more often than not he's getting oxygen.

He is still on one light. They say his bilirubin level is at 4.2, and because he isn't feeding while being administered the indomethacin (digestion would help lessen the amount), they're keeping the light on for now. The nurse on tonight expected it to be on for a few more days.

Our visit tonight was fun because he opened his eyes! Of course, he's not really seeing us this early, but we're seeing him. :) Too early to tell or know color, since I hear it can change, although Kraemer thinks they are "light." We didn't have any cameras or cell phones on us, but we promise we'll work toward getting a photo of him soon.

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