Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Day, Another Update.

They wound up doing the head scan last night rather than today, so they already had the results back tonight when we went in (we were expecting them tomorrow night). We didn't get to talk to a doctor, but the nurse said the scan results were normal. What a relief!! Such good news. I thought I was going to be fretting all day tomorrow waiting for the results to come back, and here I get to find out good news early! I would like to talk with a doctor to find out just how good this news is (I feel like nothing is ever for certain with NICU babies) but for now am allowing myself to be totally elated.

The results I thought I'd get from the echo on his PDA were the results that weren't in yet. They said they gave the last dose so late in the day that they decided to give the meds some more time to work their magic before doing an official check up on whether or not it worked.

In the meantime, though, after waiting x number of hours after his last dose, they resumed the trophic feeds using breast milk. Although he's been tolerating the feeds relatively well (digesting all of one feed, most of another) last week, this will be his first feed since the meds.

He's apparently a star pee-er and is pooing pretty well, too. Excrement may be an awkward thing to applaud, but I'll take it.

Before we left tonight, the nurse with Calder, Tammi, also noted that she had suctioned a good bit of slightly colored mucus from him today. She didn't draw any conclusions for us, but she didn't exactly have to - he could be getting sick. That would be a no-good development for sure, so we're hoping that his little body can fight off whatever infection may be sneaking around in there right away.

We didn't get any new photos of his big blue (okay, that's a guess) eyes because he had his sunglasses back on, and the nurse requested that we keep the doors closed to minimize the noise (she was about to do a gas and a suction and would have the doors open for awhile), so we will have to try again tomorrow to capture that new development.

He went down one PPU on the respirator, so he's at 21. His oxygen was still high, though. One step at a time.

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