Monday, July 15, 2013

Slowly but Surely.

The news is getting less and less intricate, which I think is a good thing!

The other day, I forgot to mention, his mucous tested positive for bacteria and cocchi. But just a little, and the nurse (practitioner) didn't seem at all concerned. The nurse today didn't even mention it to us, and we didn't ask.

He went up to FOUR ccs in his feeds, yay!, and is still digesting it.

His weight has also increased: last night he was at 780 grams. Again, to be taken somewhat with a grain of salt since he has so much equipment on him that it’s tough to get an accurate and thus consistent read. The scale is built into the Giraffe, and he cannot be without all his accessories for very long, so in order to weigh him the nurses have to do their best to lift all his equipment from the base without actually removing it from the incubator.

He went down in oxygen a bit on the ventilator. He was up while we were there, or oscillating back and forth, really, so Tiffany worked on clearing him of mucous. She also suggested to the respirator expert lady that maybe he had outgrown his tube. 

His blood gases today were excellent. He was a little acidic yesterday but perfectly in range today.

Thanks to our friend Kate, who dropped off cupcakes that easily compete with the best in DC (lookout, Georgetown!), we remembered to celebrate Calder’s two-week birthday. Little milestones, as she told us, are worth celebrating. Go Calder!

And finally, I’ve enjoyed reading this blog: Not because it’s a success story, but because it’s a similar story. And it's nice to know we aren't the first to ride this roller coaster.

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  1. You look absolutely glowing...motherhood looks amazing on you - sending reading the blog!